Need better broadband?

Struggling to connect?

If the lockdowns taught us anything, it is that we all need access to better internet connectivity.

Over the last two years, we have been speaking with and meeting a lot of folk in and around St Andrews – many of whom work for the University.

Working or studying from home? Accessing essential information? Not to mention streaming movies and downloading your favourite box sets. Add in the fact that several members of the same family want or need to be online at the same time?

It is a buffering nightmare.

We want to do something about it.

Register your interest now!

We have been working with partners and stakeholders to identify the issues. In 2020, we opened a registration site and asked people to tell us if they wanted better broadband at home. Hundreds did so – right across north east Fife.

We know the demand exists and w want to help but – in order to take this project forward – we need to discover more.

Those who have registered to date have an average download speed at home of just 22Mbps. Some are happy with that service. Most are not. The UK average now tops 70Mbps, so we know we are a country mile behind where we should be.

We invite you to register your interest in what we are planning … a gigabit-capable broadband network at no more than you are paying today* – and one that re-invests in our community to deliver support for multiple audiences.

Please complete all requested fields on the form below.

Compulsory fields*: we will need this information to work with the required partners on the project:

Your data …

The information shared through this online form will be added automatically to our GDPR-compliant database on MailChimp.

The raw data (numbers and locations) will be shared with our partners – including The University of St Andrews with whom we are liaising to see if we can support their faculty, staff and students – all of whom need better connections at their home locations.

We will then be able to keep you informed via email on our plans, network development and service updates.

We will also share news from time to time on our Facebook page.


We will be running this registration process through this summer and promoting the opportunity in partnership with local stakeholders.

At the end of that period, the demand across the town and St Andrews’ large rural catchment will be assessed.

Critical mass …

The provision of improved broadband is very much demand-led. Where we have critical mass – enough people, be they residents or business saying they want to proceed – then we will be able to deliver.

The map at the top of this page shows pins where people have registered to date: every time someone completes the form, it drops a pin to show their address location. The more pins in any one area, the better. If we can demonstrate the demand, we can work with partners and stakeholders to deliver what residents, businesses and organisations really need.

Will it cover my address?

We are looking to offer the service across St Andrews.

If the demand is there, we can then look to extend the same to those living and working in and around

Abercrombie  |  Anstruther  |  Arncroach  |  Blebocraigs  |  Boarhills

Carnbee  |  Cellardyke  |  Colinsburgh  |  Crail  |  Denhead  |  Drumeldrie  |  Dunino

Earlsferry   |  Elie  |  Guardbridge  |  Kinaldy  |  Kincaple

Kingsbarns  |  Kilconquhar  |  Kilrenny  |  Kingsbarns  |  Largoward  |  Lahill

Lathokar | Lathones  |  Lochty  |   Mount Melville  |  New Gilston  | Peat Inn

Pittenweem  |  Prior Muir  |  St Monans  |  Strathkinness | Stravithie

The offer: super or ultra?

At present, some homes and businesses are operating with broadband speeds of under 10Mbps. Across our area – in fact across Scotland – 30Mbs is not only seen as good, it is labeled as ‘superfast‘. Ever-increasing demands and expectations on digital communication mean the world is getting faster. Connectivity has to keep up.

The broadband target is to deliver reliable, ultrafast connectivity: the very basic service will be superfast. The ambition is ultrafast – with a focus on significantly faster speeds of connectivity for both download and upload.

Gigabit capable: its the business!

What we’re proposing will be transformational. If our plans come to fruition – again, demand-led – businesses will be offered a service that steps up on delivery in 100Mbps bands up to a maximum of 1Gbps connectivity.

We know many businesses in and around the town struggle with connectivity – even for items as basic as contactless payment systems. Our plans will ensure all those who want ultrafast connectivity can get it – to support existing businesses and to make St Andrews and its rural catchment an attractive destination for those considering start-ups or relocation.

Our pledge …

Unlike any national service provider, the offering proposed will work with local partners and community stakeholders to help deliver much-needed improvements in our town’s digital connectivity.

* We want to ensure that the services offered are financially viable: to that end, there’s a commitment that any broadband charges delivered will be no higher than those people are paying for the equivalent services offered by other providers. The added benefit? That customers signing up will be helping to support our town and surrounding catchment, not only delivering unrivaled connectivity, but also providing support for our wider community.

Need more?

If you have any questions, please email us via this link.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and – we hope – for completing our registration form. It is only through residents and businesses informing us of their need for improved connectivity that we will be able to explore how we can best help … to deliver gigabit-capable broadband in and around St Andrews.